For those who hate the gym


Every Saturday I go to the farmers market. I walk a half-mile there, and carry my groceries a half-mile back. In the grocery store, I don’t get a shopping cart. I get two baskets to carry.

Going to work, I don’t search for the closest parking spot. I purposely park far away. Inside, I have a standing desk so I can alternate between sitting and standing throughout the day. For better or worse, I spend my days cleaning up the weight room, putting heavy weight plates back in their places.

I live close by Forest Hill Cemetery (pictured above), perhaps the most beautiful place in Fredonia. Our cross country teams often go there to train. My favorite form of “exercise” is to wander through the cemetery.

It’s counterintuitive for someone like me to say, but I don’t like going to the gym.  I used to, and I still have to so I don’t look ridiculous demonstrating exercises to athletes, but I don’t enjoy it anymore.

Thankfully, with a little thought, the gym is anywhere you want it to be.


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